About Us

About Us

Hospitality Training Group (HTG) was established in 2006 to fill the gap that exists in the hospitality sector. HTG plays a meaningful role in providing high quality education and training that is cost effective and accountable.  As a needs-driven training service, our institution provides training courses that meets the employment and economic needs of South Africans.

Hospitality Training Group is a member of South African Chefs association and accredited by City & Guilds. We understand the dynamics of skills development and the aim of the government on youth employment and recognize the unique opportunity for proving theory and practical of hospitality training. Those with a city and guilds culinary arts qualification are highly valued by hospitality industry employers within South Africa around the globe.

Our institution is uniquely positioned in Durban (Central Business District) to successfully provide hospitality training. Our goal is to provide quality food preparation and cooking training skills to potential learners mainly youth this enabling them to access job market using our strong relationships with leading hospitality establishments. Our unique training and placement ability and the HTG’s successful track record in training specifically food preparation and cooking makes us invaluable partner in the skills development market.

Mission statement

  • We believe in the need to build an ongoing relationship with our clients and learners by providing excellent training programmes. 
  • To build our reputation by developing customer-focused learning material
  • Our focus is entirely on client and learner delight and we are happy to relate our income to excellent performance.